Hello, as you probably know, you will encounter many rival online bookmakers and casinos in the bookmaking market. In the following article, we will try to explain to you the differences between the most important online bookmakers. We will also talk about welcome bonuses at various online bookmakers.

Below we are pleased to present you with a table, with the help of which you will be able to make a quick and comprehensive comparison of the ten most recommended online bookmakers yourself.

TOP 5 bookmakers

  • Very wide offer on sports betting
  • Excellent and extensive additional servicesHigh and highly competitive rates
  • High and highly competitive rates
  • Excellent mobile application
  • Very valuable welcome bonus
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  • A wide range of sports and e-sports betting
  • Generous bonuses and promotions for new and regular players
  • Loyalty program with collectible cards
  • Fast and secure payments, including cryptocurrencies
  • Professional customer service around the clock
  • Mobile-friendly version and native app
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  • Wide range of sports and casino bets
  • Attractive bonuses and promotions
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Efficient customer service
  • Mobile application
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  • A wide range of plants
  • Friendly interface and ease of use
  • Welcome bonus
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Variety of payment methods
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  • Wide range of sports betting
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast and secure payment methods
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Licensed and regulated bookmaker
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Sports advice and analysis

The most important advantages of using online bookmakers

No need to leave home

Online services of all kinds allow you to save large amounts of time. When going to a stationary bookmaker, you need to set aside time to get to and from it. At the service point itself, you may end up on a particularly busy day and queue for a long time. Those who live far from such a place or simply do not have a lot of free time cannot afford it.


An online bookmaker is a different matter. All you need to use its services is a computer in your own home. There is no need to commute or stand in line – this frees up hours to be spent in any other way. This is an advantage that every online bookmaker necessarily offers. Saving time here takes another form. Namely – it allows you to bet on the results of an event minutes or even seconds before it starts. Or even already during their duration. This would not necessarily be possible at land-based bookmakers. The greatest excitement is felt precisely at the moments just mentioned. This is also when the largest crowds gather at land-based betting shops.

Tax optimisation

Appropriate taxes must be paid to the state on bookmaker winnings. To achieve their financial goals, bookmakers in high-tax countries have to offer rates that are less favourable for their customers. 22bet, on the other hand, operates in Cyprus. It is a country with a tax system close to the concept of a tax haven. As a result, such a bookmaker is able to offer far more favourable rates to those playing with it than its counterparts in less business-friendly countries. At the moment, Cyprus’ corporate income tax (CIT) is 12.5%.

Welcome bonuses

This is a measure that online bookmakers reach for in order to attract the widest possible range of customers. For example – a welcome bonus of 100% means that a new player, after depositing X amount, will receive a second amount from the bookmaker. Another common form of welcome bonus is a certain number of free bets to be placed, depending on the bookmaker’s policy. 22bet uses the first form of welcome bonus. However, it is valid up to an amount of EUR 122. This is a bonus for those interested in betting. For gambling enthusiasts, 22bet has prepared a separate offer. Under it, gambling players are able to get up to EUR 300 for registering a new account on the 22bet platform.


The second form is called freebet , which comes from the English language. Here, the bookmaker pays out a certain amount to the player without expecting the player to deposit any amount.

However, 22bet focuses on making the welcome bonus as profitable as possible for the new player. The freebet in most offers will reach a rather low amount, difficult to translate into real profits for the player.

Below you will find a brief overview of how other online bookmakers compare to 22bet:

As can be seen, the EUR 100 stake dominates among the top market players. Nevertheless, this is not the main competitive tool. On the contrary, all the companies mentioned here are equal competitors of 22bet.

Sports to bet on

The most popular sports are usually bet on in land-based betting shops. Examples include football, handball, basketball, tennis or Formula 1. However, there are also those with more niche interests.


At 22bet it is possible to bet on many other sports, including niche or new sports. On the website of the aforementioned bookmaker, players can see the full list of sports that can be bet on. Among the sports possible to bet on at 22bet are:

As you can see, 22bet is moving with the times. Computer games have not been the only games for a long time. Those that can be played in multiplayer mode are sports with organised championships.

More than just betting

In stationary betting shops, it is possible to place bets. This is not surprising – it is a range of services suggested by the very name of the service outlet itself. At 22bet, on the other hand, players can also take part in a number of other services. One of these is the casino, which offers around six thousand games to play. What is more – it is not necessary to play them for money (the so-called Play for Money mode). An alternative to this is the Play for Fun mode offered to players for free. With this mode, it is possible to play any of the six thousand games without any commitment.

Other advantages of online betting


The 22bet website is responsive. This means that players can use it comfortably from both computers and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). This significantly enhances the user experience. Players with the busiest schedules cannot, of course, use desktop bookmakers. However, even using non-responsive online bookmakers can be difficult for them.


When one is busy and busy, it is difficult to have convenient access to a computer. In such a situation, the only option is a mobile device from which to place a bet or play a game in a virtual casino.

International character

A game played in a land-based casino necessarily has a local character. It is limited to the city in which the betting takes place. Unless a service point of this kind has a network character, the stakes will be low and the offer poor. The situation is different with online betting shops such as 22bet. Here, people from all over the world can gather. This translates into larger sums deposited for each event outcome proposed by the betting shop. From here, it is a very straightforward path to the conclusion that 22bet is a very profitable option. It is difficult for land-based betting shops to attract interest at this level.

The 22bet platform will eventually be translated into as many as 50 languages. This means that the majority of the world’s population will be able to participate in the games and bonuses it offers.

Numerous bonuses

In addition to the welcome bonus at 22bet, you will also receive bonuses from various other occasions. This is, in a way, a derivative of the previous point. Due to the high level of interest, online bookmakers such as 22bet can have a very wide offer in this matter. An example of a bonus is the one offered on the occasion of a player’s birthday. 22bet also offers an accumulation bonus. In this case, the player has the opportunity to place up to seven bets. If only one of them loses, the player will collect a generous bonus.


Interestingly, at 22bet, you don’t even have to win to receive interesting bonuses. Players with bad luck also have something to look forward to. A series of losing bets can result in receiving a bonus for such a series.

The 22bet weekly race allows you to get bonuses of up to EUR 5,000.


  • What requirements do I have to meet to become an online bookmaker player?

    Players are expected to be at least eighteen years of age. It is not possible for minors to participate, also with the written consent of their parents or legal guardians.

  • How can I get support in case of complications?

    Currently, online bookmakers only provide support to players via email and the chat room built into their website. Many bookmakers also support the possibility of contacting the platform by telephone.

  • What skills are required to participate?

    You can play at an online bookmaker either as a novice or as a veteran with decades of bookmaking experience. Most bookmaking platforms offer players statistics on the match they are betting on or teams and players in general. However, the more closely you follow your favourite sport, the more you are entitled to question bookmaker odds and make risky choices.

  • Can I improve my odds at the casino?

    The thousands of games offered at the casino are generally games of chance. By betting any amount in them, you are at the mercy of fate and the algorithm. There are no techniques that can influence your chances in any way.

  • Will I have to pay tax on playing at an online bookmaker?

    No. By playing online you will receive the entire amount you win into your hand.

  • How can I use the online bookmaker's mobile version?

    You have two options to choose from. You can use the application dedicated to mobile devices. It is tailored to their capabilities and specifics. From there you will be able to place all bets and play games. The second option is a responsive website that allows you to get the same functions without installing any application.

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